Alukeep is a versatile system particularly used in Quality Control for the realization of measurement structures. For the measuring processes it is necessary to block the element to be measured in the space and ensure repeatable positioning with maximum precision and reliability.

It allows complete use of the 3D space guaranteeing greater and better movements to the measuring instruments. – It offers a better repeatability of the positioning of the object to be checked. It allows a consequent re-use for other applications with better timing. The cost in the middle-long term becomes lower. – The stock of the modular system requires lesser space.

A patented SJS joint allows great versatility and economy. Thanks to the SJS joint, our philosophy goes in the opposite direction compared to other manufacturers of modular systems that tend to deliver a huge quantity of elements, not always useful, with additional costs for supplying, management and storing. The modular Alukeep system doesn’t use screws or bushings for fixing the elements but simply an SJS joint. With the only 4mm hexagonal key an operator builds a structure. – It takes less time to implement existing structures with the addition of other elements. The continuously expanding range of elements allows the system to be used for future applications too. The production of specific elements according to the drawings for customers in direct contact with our R&D department. - The rapid manual process of loading and unloading a new basic plate thanks to the self-centering plate system.

Yes it can, Alukeep is a perfect partner also for other systems on the market. This allows implementing and developing mixed structures adding our uniqueness to the quality of the measurement systems of other manufacturers in terms of flexibility, practicality and economy.

The dimensions are very variable, from elements of a few millimetres (electronic cards) to measures or sizes measurable in meters (parts of planes or cars).

In the catalogue there are numerous elements of the Alukeep production as well as commercial elements for innite solutions.

Mechanical, automotive, aerospace, biomedical, die-casting and others. In short, a complete range of CMMs, measuring machines in general, is an ideal partner for fixture system Alukeep.

It depends on the object that is measured. On average approximately 25 minutes. The time required and the application of the modular systems depend on the dexterity of the personnel involved and their ability to prepare the caliber and also on the frequency of the operations.

Thanks to our quick change system, it takes just a few minutes to prepare and start scanning the following element.

Metric, 30mm pitch, or multiples of this pitch for Alukeep KIT. Metric, 50mm pitch, or multiples of this pitch for Alukeep Meisterbock.

Yes, it can be purchased separately, in various dimensions. Alukeep plates are standard with the following characteristics: holes M8 pitch 30 mm, they are available in two types of plates, fixed or with a rapid change – self-centering; the plates can be used on any side; they can be supplied without holes for dedicated structures.

Alukeep is produced in light alloy with superficial treatment in black colour. Also the colour of yellow gold is available. The bases are grey. We have choosen the black colour in order to achieve a versatile use with different metrological methods: photometric – tactile – scanning.

Alukeep is a technology patented in Italy, developed in Germany and produced in Verona, covered by a one-year warranty from the purchase. The material is available in stock with a delivery time of 1 week from the cofirmation of an order, including transport throughout the European Union. Deliveries out of Central and Eastern Europe are mostly processed with a higher priority at the production level in order to compensate for any possible waste of time caused by customs clearance.

Yes, the Alukeep system is supplied assembled or a CAD project is supplied with a list and a three-dimensional file of elements used in CATIA or STEP format and an instructional video with a guide on how to assemble the structure.

The company Alukeep is able to construct checking calibres according to a drawing, with unique elements according to customers’ demands.

Yes, they can. It is a service created particularly for customers with a wide range of products. Alukeep offers its customers a data storage of the whole range of purchased elements. The list is always updated when a customer purchases our product directly or indirectly

Yes, they can. Alukeep can design, built, install and check Meisterbock projects in all over the world.